(Video Courtesy of RSN-Rickey Stokes News)

DOTHAN, Ala (WDHN)– According to DPD, two suspects have been arrested for the Sunday murder of Robert Blount, 48, of Dothan.

After an investigation by DPD, Koston Pierce McWaters, 24, of Ashford was arrested in relation to the murder. McWaters was found and approached at his place of employment, where he was arrested.

Police say, Mekhi Rajan Telfair, 24, of Ashford, was arrested in Bay County, FL by The U.S Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force, comprised of officers from the Bay County Sheriff’s Office, the Panama City Police Department, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and Customs and Border Protection. DPD served the warrant for Telfair and informed law enforcement in Bay County of a possible suspect in their area. The task force located Telfair in an apartment complex near Highway 122, where police surveyed until Telfair left the complex in a vehicle. Additional task force officers were called and Telfair was taken in custody without incident in relation to the murder after a traffic stop performed by task force officers.

Telfair was out on bond and was scheduled to appear in court next month after being arrested for a 2021 drive-by shooting in Ashford where he allegedly shot the victim twice. He was charged with attempted murder in 2021.

Both McWaters and Telfair have each been charged with one count of Capita Murder and have no bond. According to Alabama State Law, if the two men are convicted, they could face the death penalty. At this time no more arrests are expected, according to DPD.

The victim, Robert Blount was found deceased in his home on Sunday, September, 4th, by first responders. Police determined the cause of death was murder, and investigators have performed interviews throughout the week.