WICKSBURG, Ala. (WDHN) — The Teasers shooting this weekend led to the death of one person and put three people in the hospital, which led to law enforcement giving the owner a call.

“Law enforcement has spoken to the owner and the owner has told Houston County Sheriffs’ deputies,” Houston County Commissioner Brandon Shoupe said. “That he intends to shut the place down.”

This is the second shooting at teasers gentlemen’s club in just four months.

This time, a man who’d been shot got into a Hummer with a few other people, as they rushed off for the hospital, the Hummer then crashed and the driver, who wasn’t wearing a seatbelt died on impact.

The three others went to the hospital, but are expected to be okay.

Just this past June, more violence, a woman was shot outside of the club and rushed to the hospital.

She survived her injuries.

Back in 2012, the violence was more deadly, when a shooting killed two men, one women, and injured another man.

Now, after years of gunfire it could be coming to an end.

“With all the shootings that we’ve had, the violence that we’ve had, the problems with drugs and other illegal activities that have gone on at this location. I think the owner is making the right call,” Shoupe said.

If Teasers does indeed shut its doors, it will be a rough road for them if they want to apply for their business license again.

A Houston County Ordinance says, “Every application shall bear the written approval of the county sheriff after an investigation of the moral character and criminal history of the applicant. The completed application shall be presented to the county board of commissioners for its consideration.”

That could be enough to keep Teasers from coming back to Wicksburg.

“I know that might upset some people, but as far as the people of Wicksburg are concerned, their gonna be happy to see that happen. It’ll mean a lot less crime, it’ll mean a lot less calls to our EMS providers, because I know they have had to come out here and deal with a lot of healthcare emergencies,” Shoupe said.