Technology helps authorites find missing people with mental disorders


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Recently, a 77-year-old Birmingham man suffering from Alzheimer’s disease went missing earlier in the evening and within two hours he was found by local law enforcement.

The leading tip to finding the man was technology — A project lifesaver bracelet.

Law enforcement here in the Wiregrass uses the technology provided by the Dothan Pilot Club for mental disorder clients.

“If the person who is wearing this who is a client and they walk away the family contacts us give us the last known location, colored clothing description and so forth and we send our units down with our trackers and we try to triangulate where they went,” said HOCO Jail Commander, James Brazier.

Not only are the bracelets for Alzheimer’s, but it can be used for those with special needs and mobility issues. Henry, Dale, Geneva, and Coffee counties currently use the technology.

Brazier says the equipment is beyond successful as he once before found a client within seven minutes. Luckily they haven’t been on a mission in a while.

“The last track that I done I helped geneva county and they were having a hard time tracking so I went over to help em and we were running the signal down a fence which luckily we were lucky to find the guy in the woods and we got him out,” Brazier said.

Brazier added that he does ride around to clients to test the frequency and make sure their bracelet is still working. If you need a bracelet, contact the HCSO for an application and there is no expense to the family for a bracelet.

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