ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — With many families having nothing to do after Thanksgiving meals, a lot will flock to entertainment services, especially movie theaters.

Thanksgiving day is one of the busiest days of the year for many movie theaters, including Enterprise’s Clark Cinemas.

As movies are an easy last-minute family activity, many families make a tradition of coming every year, making Thanksgiving second only to Christmas day.

“A lot of families have a thanksgiving tradition of coming to the movies every thanksgiving. So yea it’s really really busy,” said Clark Cinemas manager Paul Hodge.

With big blockbusters like Black Panther still performing very well, Clark Cinemas is expecting an especially high turnout Thursday night.

“I’m thinking maybe at least… 700-800, maybe today. And then tomorrow actually will be really busy also. So it’s gonna be a good weekend,” Paul also said.

Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season for movie releases, meaning that more highly anticipated movies are just on the horizon.

With Christmas day being the only day busier, most theaters are expecting big crowds until the new year.

“Once thanksgiving starts, all the movies start rolling out. It’s the holiday season, school lets out. It just starts- we just go from here,” Hodge also told WDHN.

Despite everything, Clark Cinemas says they’re prepped and ready for the big crowds and the challenge.

“We’re ready to go, the staff is- we’re prepared, we’re stocked, we’re ready to go. We have all the popcorn in we can get! You know we’re ready for the crowds,” Paul Hodge said.

With the entire weekend expected to be busy, and Christmas just around the corner, the big screen will have no shortage of customers anytime soon.