HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — The Houston County Commission now has an offer from the city of Dothan for its farm center.

The city of Dothan has been doing their due diligence on the Houston County Farm Center and on Thursday County Commissions said the city has offered $2.2 million dollars for the center.

$2.5 million is what Brightwork Real Estate, a Florida-based company was originally offered for the property where the Houston County Farm Center sits at.

Since the county isn’t selling the land where Spectracare or its human resource office sits, they reduced the asking price.

“The amount of land actually had to be reduced from what the actual amount was,” Mark Culver, Chairman for the Houston County Commission said. “There was some discrepancy in the survey that was originally put
forward. $2.2 million is the amount because of the reduction of land.”

Culver said the farm center is a money drain on the county. He said with not enough funding to turn the center into what it needs to be and the fact that the city owns part of the property. Selling the farm center to the city was the county’s best option, despite other inquiries received.

“We can’t sell it without them agreeing to sell the property,” Culver said. “Obviously, if they want to buy it they aren’t going to agree to sell their 16%. They kind of have the main ability to buy it if they want it.”

The city will have an additional 90-days to do more due diligence on the property. As of now, Dothan doesn’t have any firm plans on what the farm center could be in the future.

However, Dothan’s City Manager said there could be potential for commercial use and whatever might come to the property will be redeveloped for the good of the whole community.

“I believe the city could invest some money in it,” Culver said. “They have the ability to do some things that we don’t. I believe long term, several years from now, we will look back and see this is a good thing for the community.”

The Houston County Commission could approve the $2.2 million offer from the city of Dothan at their next commissioner’s meeting on March 14th.