MALVERN, Ala. (WDHN) — For the first time in more than 40 years, a several mile stretch of Geneva County Road 49 in Malvern has been repaved.

The nearly $700,000 project was funded through the Alabama Rebuild Act. A few years ago, the state legislature enacted a gradual increase in the gas tax. The money was earmarked for local roadways.

“That was a roadway in the past which was not eligible for federal funds and prior to the Rebuild Alabama Act paving was done mainly with federal dollars,” Geneva County Engineer Justin Barfield said. “And since it was not eligible for those funds it lacked getting attention, so we were finally able to resurface it.”

Barfield says Geneva County 49 and other projects will shows residents where their additional gasoline tax money is going. Barfield and his road and bridge personnel are constantly keeping a close eye on infrastructure in the county.

From the Rebuild Alabama Act, Barfield told WDHN News the additional tax money has made it possible to repave 49 as well as other roads in the near future.

“The 49 corridor traffic is increasing as a beach route, basically Houston County has repaved from 84 through Bay Springs to the Geneva county line,” Barfield said. “And now from the Geneva County line, we have new pavement to 52 in Malvern.”

Barfield says 90 percent of the work on County Road 49 has been completed. But with wet conditions
this week, it has prevented crews from finishing the shoulder work.