ENTERPRISE, Ala (WDHN) — If you’re looking to encounter some ghosts this Halloween weekend, look no further than the City of Progress.

Since its grand opening 118 years ago in downtown Enterprise, the Rawls Hotel has been the site of unexplained phenomena from different dimensions.

Bill Schleusner and his wife operate the Rawls Restaurant, located on the first floor of the Rawls Hotel. A building first opened during President Teddy Roosevelt’s administration of 1903.

Over the decades, visitors have heard children laughing, but no children were inside at the time folks have smelt cigarettes, cigars., and pipe smoke. But, no one was smoking, and objects would appear in places where no one had placed them.

“She had seen a vision of someone being stabbed at the foot of the bed. Again, I don’t know the facts to any of this, this is something that has been told to us over the years.”

Navigator development group has offices inside the Rawls. Its director of media, Leeann Capps, says there are several visible spirits. Over the last decade, paranormal teams and psychics have visited Rawls.
They have used highly complex listening equipment in which they reportedly have recorded voices and holograms of people dressed in the attire of the late 19th and early-20th centuries.

“You will be walking along and all of a sudden get a brief whiff of sweet cigar smoke,” Capps said. “It’s brief, it’s something that comes and goes. And you can be with other people and they may not smell it. But we know we there is a sweet smell of a cigar it’s usually Jacob because we believe he’s still here. He’s the original owner.”

And over the last century, some terrible tragedies have taken place inside the Rawls.

“This place have a little bit of a supernatural, or spook effect and I think that can be attributed to some of the spirits that are here,” Schleusner said.