OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — The Wiregrass United Way hit the road Thursday morning as they traveled to six counties for their 12th Annual Campaign Kickoff Bus Tour.

The United Way is an organization that helps fund 38 agencies, enabling them to provide valuable services to those in need. This bus tour campaign is just what United Way needs to generate enthusiasm for donations.

“We need to excite people, we need to get our board members, our staff, our volunteers excited but also donors,” Wiregrass United Way CEO, Walter Hill said. “We need them to hear about United Way. We need them to see the impact in the community.”

Hill says they had some challenges last year due to the pandemic and saw less people donate. That’s why this year’s campaign is so crucial in their mission to make our corner of Southeast Alabama a better place.

“We definitely saw a decrease in giving, mainly because we weren’t allowed to go into a lot of companies and do the campaigns, speak, share where the money goes, and that’s important on how we fundraise,” Hill said. “So we’re able to get in more this year, but still not 100%, so we need people to respond to help these 38 agencies.”

Vivian B. Adams School is just one of the 38 agencies the United Way supports. It was the Dale County stop on this year’s bus tour.

As director of Vivian B. Adams, Hannah Parker says this tour is a way to remind people who the United Way serves.

“When people were not around each other and not seeing each other, I think it’s easy to forget what United Way is all about,” Parker said. “That’s why it was so wonderful to have this today because it reminds you when you see the individuals we serve, and they are just one part of what United Way does. You can’t help but give to them.”

If you would like to donate to the United Way, you can reach out to them on social media or visit their office at 304 N Foster Street in downtown Dothan.