DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — With election day on Tuesday, Tim James made one of the final stops of his Fight Back tour in Dothan Friday afternoon.

Right now James is fighting a 20 percent deficit behind incumbent Governor Kay Ivey who has a commanding lead at 46 percent, according to the latest poll.

“Being under 50 percent is not where you want to be,” James said. “These points spread can easily move 20 or 25 percent in the last 5 days I seen it happen many times and the reason for that people don’t make a decision until they have to.”

During Governor Ivey’s campaign, she touted record-low unemployment numbers, approved the largest education budgets, and increased the gas tax. James is against gas tax and grocery tax — he believes this will put more money back into working Alabamians’ pockets, especially during this climate.

“People are having to figure out whether they want to get gas or another necessity that’s legitimate,” James said.

Lindy Blanchard is trailing behind Ivey and Tim James with 11 percent — she’s similar to James when it comes to Governor Ivey’s issues, repealing grocery and gas tax and against mask mandates.