(WDHN) — Peace of mind has been hard to find for Angel Johnson, the cousin of Melanie Dorrill who was murdered over two months ago.

Since then, she and her family have been searching for answers.

“I think the hardest part is we have people still reaching out and just now finding out what happened to Melanie and we don’t have answers,” Johnson said. “Our family is distraught,”

Melanie Amber Dorrill was found dead with gunshot wounds in her home in the 1800 block of County Road 117 in Arition just inside the Coffee County line.

“We don’t know what was taken place or who was there but when I say our family has no answers other than a bit of speculation or even just a little bit of gossip that has been turned into the sheriff’s tip line none of that is solid answers for us right now,” Johnson said.

Captain Michael Hines with the Coffee County Sherrifs Department said it’s still under investigation and there have been no arrests or suspects.

In addition to law enforcement investigating, Johnson and her family are crying out for help from the public.

They recently had a vigil in Ozark to make it known publicly and to keep her spirits alive but most importantly they want to get people talking as they hope that will lead to justice.

“It happened in Ariton so the odds of people knowing who did or an interacting regular who did is high but when none of those people come forward to let her rest in peace it’s tragic,” She said.

Dorrill was found dead four days before her birthday and laid to rest on her birthday. J

Although that was very difficult for the family, it’s a difficult time right now too with the holidays approaching Johnson said her cousin lived for the holidays.

Dorrill leaves behind two teenage children.

“She had a son and daughter Hayley and Travis were her life she was just a great person,” She said.

If you have any information about this case, contact the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department.