Evergreen, Ala. – (WDHN) A mother, six months pregnant, and her four-year-old daughter were stranded almost all night on Interstate 65 with no ability to exit the highway, nowhere to use the restroom and no information about when traffic would ever move again.

Based on social media posts, hundreds if not thousands of others faced a similar plight.

The stranded, expecting mother and her four-year-old child had been to Columbus, Georgia for a day trip. The pair left their Mobile, Alabama home at 8:00 AM to see a play. Their trip home took at least 10 hours.

“I’ve been in the section of roadwork with a concrete barrier on my left and metal guard rail on the right,” Kelsey Wade said. “No right shoulder because it’s a steep drop-off. I’m six months pregnant and six hours with no bathroom or way to move around has been brutal.”

The women’s basketball team from William Carey University was also caught in the I-65 misery. The team picked up a win against Brewton-Parker College, 54-52, before a trip home to Hattiesburg, Mississippi that lasted much longer than anticipated. The team sat in the same spot on the interstate for over five hours.

“We were told it would be a long night by passing officials,” WCU women’s basketball coach Tracy English said.

English and the team pulled up on the traffic near exit 93 at around 7:50 PM. They, too, had nowhere to turn around. Twitter users sent similar messages about being stuck between barriers with no place to move. Traffic finally began to move after 2:00 AM.

The website algotraffic.com cited a “Major Crash involving vehicle fire” as the reason for the road closure.