OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — After one hour of deliberation, the jury decided that Chad Brogdon is guilty of murdering his mother and dismembering her body.

The jury met four days in a row, but after only an hour of deliberating, the jury was unanimous in finding Brogdon guilty.

Photo of Chad Brogdon walking into the courtroom

Friends told prosecutors that Penny Newton was well-loved and had fun with her life.

They also believed that Penny Newton loved her son unconditionally.

Photo of Penny Newton

At the beginning of the trial, District Attorney Kirke Adams showed the jury a picture of Penny Newton and her late husband Randy Newton, also while holding their dog Prissy.

Photo of Penny and Randy Newton, with their dog, Prissy

Prosecutors say that Brogdon was headed home to visit his child with the child’s mother on Mother’s Day weekend in 2019.

That was the last time anybody was able to get in touch with Brogdon’s mother, Penny Newton.

Then, on May 14, Hartford police got a call of a burned car over the Choctawhatchee River and opened the trunk to find cut-up body parts.

On the same day, Brogdon appeared out of the woods at an old couple’s house where Brogdon said he had been assaulted and was without his truck.

Photo of Penny Newton

Police later searched Brogdon’s house, and in the freezer that was located in the garage, they found blood residue oozing from the freezer. It was later found to be Penny Newton’s blood.

At the end of the prosecution’s argument, they ended by saying, “We know who’s hands she was killed by and those hands are Chad Brogdon’s,” Dale/Geneva County Assistant District Attorney Jordan Davis said.

Brogdon’s attorney’s reiterated that Brogdon has claimed innocence from day one and that they didn’t think the prosecution proved that Brogdon was the murderer.

During the entirety of the four days, Newton’s family held a stuffed bear that had Penny’s name on it as a way to remember her.

Brogdon will now await his sentencing hearing which will be held on May 12 at 9 a.m. in the Dale County Courthouse.