(WDHN) — Highway 231 south was bumper-to-bumper traffic as the sandy beaches were calling the names of travelers this holiday weekend.

“Just enjoying the beach with the grandchildren, going out to eat doing the summer thing,” Thomas Magyar said.

“We’re going golfing one day I know I’ve never been golfing down here in Florida so that should be fun other than that just relax and chill at the beach,” Kellan Autenreith said.

But for a Pennsylvania couple, the road to relaxation has been stressful.

“Lots of traffic a lot of time we say we should have flown down but we have a dog so we wanted to bring him with us,” Magyar said. “It’s a lot of starts and stop traffic and then a chemical spill on 85 by Charlotte.

For John Ryan and his family from Peachtree City Georgia, they are heading home — they went down to port st joe last week to celebrate the holiday early and beat the holiday rush.

“If you like weekend traffic go for it if that’s what you want but I think people like to get a break and stay away from the traffic. If you’re anything like us we’re not into crowds,” Ryan and his family agreed.

No matter if you’re headed home or going to your destination, drivers are in the same lane when it comes to being safe on the roadways to avoid tragedy during a weekend of celebration.

“We had a lady who just stopped in the middle of the four-lane and we’re flying but we stopped in time so you just have to watch out for that other driver,” Magyar said.

“Be aware keep ya eyes on mirrors, look in front of you and behind you just keep ya eyes open,” Autenreith said.

These travelers want everyone who is traveling to make it to their destination safely and enjoy the holiday weekend.