TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is the new leading record holder for most touchdown passes in a season at Alabama.

Tagovailoa passed AJ McCarron’s record of 30 touchdown passes during The Citadel game in the third quarter. At 10:26 on the clock, Tagovailoa’s 5-yard pass to Jaylen Waddle for a touchdown sealed the deal with his 31st touchdown pass.  

During Saban’s post-game conference, he mentioned that he had no idea the record was broken, but noted that Tagovailoa has had a good season thus far. Saban knows his team because he also added that Tagovailoa would most likely thank his entire offense for helping reach the milestone and that’s exactly what he did.

CBS 42 reporter Simone Eli asked Tagovailoa how he felt about breaking the record and he expressed how grateful he felt toward his offense. 

“A lot of credit does belong to my teammates,” the quarterback said. “It’s a tremendous opportunity, you know, that we’ve done as an offense to get to this point. 31 touchdowns, that’s cool, but we still got another game to finish off this season.”

Next week, Alabama will play Auburn in the highly anticipated game of the season, the Iron Bowl.