DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — For the past seven years, Clarence Anderson III, an Ozark native and former Air Force Major, has been fighting to clear his name after he says he was wrongfully accused of sexual assault by his ex -wife.

Anderson and his wife had been married for five years before being ordered to Holloman Air Force base in New Mexico in 2013 and that’s when he said his career started taking a turn for the worst.

“I discovered she had an affair, she ended up getting pregnant by the dude and I won custody of our daughter,” Anderson said.

But shortly after, sexual allegations started rolling in from ex-wife — and at that time under the Obama Administration all accusations went to the court martial and all victims would be believed.

Which caught him by surprise.

“I went judge alone thinking the judge will see this is crazy, no evidence of finding anything and unfortunately was found guilty and sentenced to 42 months in military prison.

After conviction, Anderson’s legal team heard rumors that his ex-wife’s boyfriend at the time received a payment prior to his testimony — and that’s when Congressman Martha Roby submitted an congressional to the air force after she received evidence of witness tampering.

The Air Force respond back to Roby a month later and tell her they are going to give me a post trial hearing to evaluate the perjury and this payment and the military judge has full authority for a new trial or dismiss charges,” Anderson said.

But Anderson says the Air Force reneged — making it harder for him to make his case with his proof of evidence.

Now, congressman Barry Moore has stepped in to confront the air force and has written a letter to President Biden requesting the Department of Justice to investigate the Air Force.

“Hopefully President Biden will send a referral to the department of justice so I can get justice and not only for me but there are 100 other cases,” He said.