DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — American Retro Apparel still has two t-shirts available for purchase that use slave imagery to celebrate the cities of Dothan and Ozark.

On the Dothan t-shirt depicts two slaves picking cotton in the bottom right of the shirt.

In the Ozark t-shirt it shows three slaves working in the fields.

The t-shirts were linked to a Facebook post early last week, on a page known as Alabama Memories.

The post immediately caught backlash from people in the Wiregrass.

“The design is extremely distasteful. Its gross, we don’t need a person of color picking cotton on a postcard. To teach about the past. We don’t want that representing our city,” One person commented.

“Well this is 2021 not 1942, so that’s not an excuse,” Another Wiregrass resident said

After the outcry , the Facebook post was removed, but the company behind the page, American Retro Apparel continues to market the t-shirts for sale on their website.

Last week, we tried to reach the company for a response. We emailed them and looked for a phone number to reach them, no number is listed. Later in the week we emailed them again.

So far, the company has never returned our emails.

Not much is known about American Retro Apparel.

The company uses a proxy registry, which allows a company to conceal the real owner of the web domain. It’s legal, but it does raise questions about why they want to remain anonymous.