(NEXSTAR) – Just imagine trying to wrestle a mid-size dresser into that back bedroom.

An unorthodox apartment in New York City is driving the internet mad, thanks largely to its wildly confusing layout, abundance of hallways and apparent lack of 90-degree angles.

“How is every single room unusable?” one TikTok user asked after seeing a video of the apartment on social media.

The apartment, located in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan, began boggling minds earlier this week after a rental agent shared a virtual tour on TikTok. Even the agent, too, was bewildered by the unit.  

“My head is hurting,” he captioned the clip.

As seen in the virtual tour, the apartment’s front door opens directly into a twisty hallway that eventually opens into a kitchen/living area, albeit one designed in the shape of a nine-sided (at least) polygon of sorts.

“Don’t worry, it gets better,” the agent says, continuing down a hallway into a series of bedrooms and bathrooms with equally confusing layouts.

“Who else got both nauseated and nervous?” remarked a viewer on TikTok.

“All that’s missing is a bunch of floor-to-ceiling mirrors and carnival music,” joked another.

“Imagine trying to find the bathroom in the middle of the night and running into 15 different walls,” another said of the virtual tour, which has been viewed over 8 million times.

Plenty of others also remarked on the apparent difficulties a tenant would have moving furniture into the apartment, let alone finding a place for it.

“Pretty sure bean bags are the only kind of furniture that’d make sense in that apartment,” one viewer commented.

The apartment, which hit the market four days ago, was still available as of Friday morning, according a listing provided by Premier One Realty LLC. The rental’s official description makes no mention of the unusual layout, but boasts hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, exposed brick and city views, among several other amenities.

The unit is currently listed at $2,950 per month.