DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Dothan High School Football Head Coach Jed Kennedy will be placed on a one-week suspension from all duties effective immediately.

All other displinary actions that are included in this incident will remain a personel matter. Although this unfortunate incident took place, our trust in Coach Kennedy as a leader in our football program and as a leader of our student athletes have not waivered.

Coach Jessica Noble, DHS Athletic Director

A video circled on social media showing first-year Dothan head football coach, Jed Kennedy pushing an assistant to the team down during the Wolves home game against Opelika Friday night.

In the video, as the Wolves are scoring a touchdown, Kennedy is seen running toward the assistant on the sideline and throws him down after the assistant got a flag called on him for sideline interference.

Dothan City Schools has been made aware of the incident and has released the following statement.

“We are conducting a complete investigation at this time we do not have a comment,” Dr. Dennis Coe told WDHN. “I anticipate a public statement forthcoming early in the week.”

The incident occurred late in Dothan’s 14-7 win over Opelika, where the loser would have been eliminated from playoff contention.

Earlier in the game, Opelika was flagged for the same incident which lead to Dothan’s first touchdown at the end of the first quarter.

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