ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — One of the most troubling issues facing America today, is the rate at which military veterans take their own life.

According to statistics from the Veterans Affairs database, suicide has been the cause of death for four times as many veterans compared to those in combat since the attacks on September 11th.

Here in the Wiregrass, community groups are coming together to help our local veterans, to make sure the veterans know help is out there.

One group is a complete confidential awareness group where veterans can gather with other veterans and share their stories, voice the struggles they face and not have to worry about that being passed along to anyone.

This group meets once a week typically at 7 p.m. at Church on Boll Weevil Circle. The group was started with the church but it is not a “church” group, according to Travis Parker.

Parker says this group is here to talk with veterans and listen to them, not to preach to them.

John Logsdon, another member, spoke about the counseling sessions that are offered as well. These free sessions would be on the veteran’s terms and can be up to 24 sessions if need be.

To learn more about this group you can visit this website or join its facebook page here!