Warhawgs is an organization offering veterans, active-duty military and first responders a game hunting experience, serving those who serve the area.

“We were actually out hog-hunting one night, and we decided that if we enjoy it, why couldn’t we take our brothers or sisters, get them away from their daily stress, especially if they’re combat or if they’re first responders,” said Toby Cochran, co-founder of WarHawgs.

The group provides free guided hunts for hogs, deer, turkey and other wild animals. The first trip was taken in March 2016.

“Whenever I take a hunter with me that I have no idea who he is, and if he happens to see the game animal come out, his eyes light up when he takes a harvest animal, especially if it’s his first time ever hunting,” said Cochran.

He said the nights are full of fellowship, storytelling and a big stress-reliever. The group caters to each person, accommodating those who are disabled. As with many organizations, the biggest challenge is funding.

“It is funded through private donations. We do not have any corporate sponsors. Do we want one? Absolutely, we would love one. The equipment is very expensive,” Cochran said.

The hunting trips require thousand of dollars worth of night vision and other equipment, including off-road wheelchairs. Cochran said every donation and hour spent is well worth it.

“I got the same joy out of it as I did watching my kids when we first took them hunting,” he said.

Deer hunting season begins this month, and the next guided hunts are scheduled for November. WarHawgs primarily serves the Wiregrass, but Cochran said they also welcome people outside of the area.

For information on how to donate funds or equipment, or to sign up for a hunting experience, you can visit their website at www.warhawgs.org.