WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — B. Taylor is a hip-hop artist, producer, and songwriter, with two Grammy nominations for his music.

“You have to have the correct vocals. You have to have the right message. You have to have the right instrumentation,” Taylor said.

He’s also a veteran who joined the Navy in 2001.

“They attached me to be with the special ops, which was Navy SEALs at the time, recon,” Taylor said.

He served until 2006, when he received a temporary assignment duty in San Diego to pursue a professional football career. But little did he know, his life would change after a trip to Los Angeles.

“I was playing the piano. I was approached by a guy who had a huge afro, he was like hey man, my brother is famous, that’s my mom’s favorite song Ribbon in the Sky by Stevie Wonder, can you come meet him? It’s Snoop Dogg,” Taylor said.

His transition into the music industry gave him insight into the challenges many military members worry about when considering life after their service.

“Please don’t let the American people forget who we are. I might not come back and if I do, I might be messed up, but you have a platform. Please don’t let them forget who I am,” Taylor said.

Taylor used his connections in the music industry and started the L1fe Organization (pronounced “One Life”), a non-profit that helps active duty military, veterans, first responders, and their families treat things like PTSD and depression, through activities like sports and music.

“I wanted them to get the same treatment that I was getting, you know? No different,” Taylor said.

Taylor’s organization helps veterans and active military personnel all across the country, including in Virginia, where one athlete is in pursuit of her Olympic dream.

“I’ve been an athlete my whole life,” Riley Tejcek said.

Tejcek is a United States Marine Corps Captain, a member of Team USA bobsled, and an Olympic hopeful.

“Balance is a constant, a constant thing I’m having to figure out every single day,” Tejcek said.

But her goal comes with a hefty price tag: $50,000 for one season to compete. L1fe helps her cover the cost of travel and transporting her two-four hundred-pound sleds.

“Competing on team USA is primarily unfunded and that makes it very difficult. How am I going to support my dream and what I want to do for bobsled?” Tejcek said.

In 2026, she wants to become the first female Marine in the Olympics.

“I’ve never been to the games, but my dream is to do everything I can to get there,” Tejcek said.

She says she’s thankful for Taylor and the L1fe Organization.

“He’s an incredible man that wants to just give back to so many people and his L1fe Organization has been able to directly help me finance different things for bobsled.”

Taylor said he wants L1fe to grow to help more people, just like Tejcek.

“I’m just blessed that I was able to keep my word,” Taylor said. “That I told them I would always make sure the American people remember our military veterans and their families.”

If you would like more information on the L1fe Organization, click here.