DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The unofficial end of summer is here as people are either heading back home after a long three-day weekend at the beach or are finding ways to enjoy their time in the Circle City.

Here in the Circle City, some residents visited Water World. Monday marked the last day of the season for one of Dothan’s biggest attractions.

“Well, we decided to come to Water World,” Georgia resident, Willie Jones said. “It’s my daughter’s birthday, so we are just out here celebrating as a family. This is our first chance to come drive down and enjoy the park for the last day.”

Water World has been open since the beginning of May and after Monday they have closed up shop for the 2023 season.

Jones was worried that the park was going to be crowded on the last day, but then that worry subsided.

“It’s a pretty light crowd,” Jones said. “We were kind of skeptical on that, but it’s comfortable.”

The Wiregrass was also filled with travelers, who were heading back from a long holiday weekend, The lanes of Highway 231 North just over the Alabama-Florida line were filled with people on the roadways.

AAA predicted that this year’s Labor Day would be busier than last year, as they believe millions of people hit the roadways this holiday weekend and from the looks of the roadways on Monday afternoon they may be right.

With travelers going from the sandy beaches in Florida,

“We went to Panama City, Florida.” Adhvitha Chandrasekaran said. “I think Panama City is really pretty and I have a bunch of shells in my car. “

To now having to prep for a brand-new work week or in some cases a new school year,

“It’s my last year’s teacher’s birthday tomorrow, so I am excited about that, but not really excited for the school year,” Chandrasekaran said.

Whether it be a day at the water park or a weekend away at the beach. People seem to be prepped and ready to finish 2023 strong.