DOTHAN, Ala (WDHN) — Monday, Dr. Anne Schmidt the Medical Director of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama joined WDHN Daytime to discuss the current state of COVID-19 in Alabama.

While doing so, Dr. Schmidt promoted the initiative to raise the state vaccination level twenty percent by labor day. This movement is called “We Can Do This Alabama.”

For more information on that, visit this website!

Currently 36% of Alabamians are fully vaccinated against the Coronavirus.

Another point of emphasis from Dr. Schmidt was knowing when to go to the emergency room when you think you may have COVID-19 or when you struggle from symptoms.

“For those folks who have severe symptoms of COVID. So that would mean if you have shortness of breath, if you’re having trouble catching your breath, if you have a high fever, or certainly if you have other concerns about your symptoms you’d want to go to the emergency room. But ,you wouldn’t want to go to the emergency room for say a COVID test, or for milder symptoms,” Dr. Schmidt said.

Dr. Schmidt also touched on Monoclonal Antibody Therapy and the state of hospitals in Alabama.