Glenn Deaton has autism, but that doesn’t define him one bit.

Deaton is now the newest member of an elite group the Dothan Police Department 4th Squad. The squad made sure Glenn had a birthday on Thursday that he will remember forever.

The Dothan Police Department’s 4th squad is tough. The 4th Squad crowd controls the chaos in Dothan so we can sleep in peace.

Glenn Deaton, the new officer, joined the ranks of DPD 4th Squad. I met Officer Glenn because he wrote me a ticket for erratic driving. Due to Officer Glenn being kind-hearted, he wrote me a warning. Deaton will fit right in with 4th Squad.

Although 4th Squad looks tough, the 4th Squad has a big heart.

“Oh, it was a dream come true to see this happened. He’ll talk to everyone about this at school this year,” said Martha Deaton, Glenn’s mother.

“My son has autism so it really hit home to me to make this happen. Heather told me about it and I contacted Martha and we set this all up.
I said my boyfriend works for DPD. His son also has autism. Everything just fell into place,” Officer Justin Massenburg and Heather Rash said.

“There’s so many people who are against us right now, it’s great to see someone who wants to be one of us. We truly are an honorable profession.” LT. Doug Magill said.

On their own time and on their own dime, 4th squad showed a young man a spectrum of love he’ll never forget.