HEADLAND, Ala. (WDHN) — Bethany Hicks serves as Headland Middle School’s Resource Officer.

For Officer Hicks, being an SRO at the school is not a job, but a true calling. The 6th-9th graders here are at an impressionable age, and Officer Hicks wants the children to feel comfortable. It’s a job with its rewards and surprises.

“I want these kids to come to me and know that I am here for them,” Hicks said.

Mark Jones, the Headland Police Chief, consider having a school resource officer a necessity rather than an option. One only has to look at the national headlines to see violence has become apart of the school’s landscape. Classroom tragedy has become common in both urban and rural areas of our country.

“It will be important to have someone at the school. If the issue gets out of hand, we can head over there immediately,” Jones said.

Linda Saffold, the principal, believes having Hicks provides an adult figure to the children. Hicks can be beneficial for the children who may not have it the best at home.

“She is great with kids. It’s nurturing and that’s what I love about her,” Saffold said.

Officer Hicks walking a beat in the hallways and classroom at Headland Middle is What’s Good in the Neighborhood.