HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — With omicron reaching its peak and starting to decline in other states around the country, many Alabamians are wondering when we’ll see that peak right here at home.

With all 67 counties in Alabama listed as ‘high-risk’ for the spread of COVID-19, State Health Officer for the Alabama Department of Public Health, Dr. Scott Harris, is hopeful the state will soon reach its peak, but he said there hasn’t been data to prove that theory as of now.

In the past week, COVID-19 case counts averaged around 14,000 to 15,000 daily. These numbers tell experts it’s still early to say when the state will reach its peak and be out of the woods.

“But we are not really going to get back to the way things used to be as long as we are having 10, 12, 15,000 new cases every day,” Dr. Harris said. “As long as we have 3,000 people in Alabama hospitals, we are not getting back to the way things used to be, we have got to do something to interrupt this disease transmission or this cycle is going to continue.”

Dr. Harris said there is no doubt that people that are vaccinated can catch omicron, but being vaccinated will keep you from being severely sick or dying, and out of state hospitals. This is why he says the best tool the state has today is vaccination.