NEWTON, Ala. (WDHN) — The motto for Wicksburg High School is ‘Striving for Excellence.

According to the 2022 report from U.S. News, Wicksburg is the top school in the Dothan metro area — Headland High School represented the area less than a year ago.

“We’ve always felt like this community, the stakeholders we have at this school have supported us along the way it felt like our faculty has done a tremendous job for year after year,” Principal Lee Hyde said.

Schools are selected based on a couple of factors mainly statewide testing, graduation rates, and getting students ready for college.

“Here at Wicksburg all through 9th and 12th they are preparing us for the next level and getting ready to take that test they are pushing us hard so that we can be the best as we can be,” Senior student Eli Williams said.

“What we’ve seen this year with this group our ACT scores are moving in the right direction from last year to this year we made a little over 1.4 growth in the ACT and for us that was huge,” Hyde said.

Hyde says this positive publicity can help shape the future of Wicksburg and Houston County Schools by attracting new students to get a quality education.

However, with this achievement, they want to stick to the motto and not become complacent.

“Trying to track those students and meet their needs from 7th to 12th and see some of the things that have worked the past year and year in a half some that may not have, so we’re constantly trying to tweak just like any other school or team and just improve,” Hyde added.

As for the top high schools in Alabama, Enterprise ranked #36, G.W. Long ranked #82, and Carroll ranked #83.

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