(WDHN) — Callie Williams had been worried about her husband’s whereabouts for over a month which ultimately led to the worst news of her life — her husband Rikki Williams remains were found right here behind the marathon gas station in Wicksburg.

“My heart really dropped to my feet because it had been a total of 44 days, so it was really just mind blowing and overwhelming when that call came in,” She said.

The couple was having some relationship issues when Williams left his home in Geneva on June 14th to go to a friends house in the Daleville area to stay with him and do some mechanical work.

Williams became worried after she went 9 days without any communication from him and not seeing any transactions on his debit card.

“I spoke with him on the 24th and he was okay and then I didn’t hear from him for a couple of days and I said something is not right, his phone had got turned off and come the first he never used his card when he normally does because that’s when he gets paid,” Callie Williams said.

Thats when Williams went over to the area visiting places he like to go looking for him and even stopped by the friends house.

“An altercation happened over there I was told and he made the comment to someone he was afraid of the guy but he cant get away,” She said.

However her husband had vanished but she recovered some of his belongings that were left behind – the situation has her mind wondering to this day as she continues to get mixed signals.

She doesn’t believe he died just because of his medical issues.

“I’ve always been told to go with your gut feeling and I feel like its more to be investigated than what’s out right now, so I asked the law enforcement to continue investigation and they told me they would,” She said.

Williams says her husband had his issues — he was diabetic and suffered from brain damage from a previous wreck.

And although they had their ups and downs, he was a kind, helpful, hard working family man . They share two kids together.

“Its really a lot our younger two are 10 and 11 and they cry and say why does it have to be my daddy,” She said.

Williams is now planning her husbands funeral — with her being left a single mother and her husband not having any life insurance, she is accepting donations.

If you’d like to help the family with any of the expenses they’re facing — the paypal name for the funeral home is @BottomGardenChapel.