Wiregrass Angel House offers support for recently killed woman’s family


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — 50-year-old Christina Moore was killed while sleeping in her home Sunday morning.

It left her family and loved ones devastated.

Outreach director Katy Lewis said the Wiregrass Angel House was designed to help families like this.

“There’s hurt there’s confusion, and we just answer questions and let them know we’re here for literally whatever they need,” Lewis said.

The angel house also helps with funeral arrangements, getting victims’ grief compensation, and is with victims every step of the way during their grieving process.

Lewis said they have spoken to Moore’s family and added her picture to the 300 crosses of lost loved ones in remembrance of her.

There is no word on the reason Moore was killed, and police officials are still investigating.

Lewis wants the victims to know how they’re feeling is normal.

“It’s okay to be mad, it’s okay to be hur,t it’s okay to have whatever emotion that you have right now because this is senseless because when did your bed in your home become a dangerous place,” she said.

These types of killings hurt more than the victim but an entire community that loved that person.

For those who have lost a loved one and still struggling with it, turn to the Angel House.

We just want them to know that we are here, and we can guide them through this and you know something we say here is this is your new normal,” Lewis said. “It’s not fair. It’s not right, but we’re here to navigate that with you.”

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