Wiregrass Electric Cooperative aids victims of Hurricane Ida


HARTFORD, Ala. (WDHN) — According to the University of Deleware, being a power-linemen is the tenth most dangerous job in America.

Last week, two nineteen-year-old linemen were killed due to an electrocution accident in Jefferson County, Alabama, reminding us how dangerous it can be.

Chief Operations Officer of the Wiregrass Electric Cooperative, Brad Kimbro, reminds us what makes this profession so dangerous.

“Our linemen what they do is a dangerous job,” said Kimbro. “We are running 7200 volts of electricity down the road. The transmission side is even higher than that. It is a dangerous job, we just want it not to be a hazardous job.”

Even though being a lineman is one of the ten most dangerous jobs in America, Kimbro says he and his crew work diligently to be as safe as possible.

“We do a lot to help our guys, training programs, education programs, safety programs,” said Kimbro. “It’s our number one goal, it is paramount.”

Now, the Wiregrass Electric Cooperative, combined with numerous other cooperatives throughout the country, has sent aid for areas impacted by Hurricane Ida.

“Five of our journeymen linemen are there now in Washington-Saint Tammany in Louisiana,” said Kimbro. “They were hit extremely hard there and two other cooperatives, and it’s still two to three weeks before they will have everyone restored is what we are hearing.”

Even though the Wiregrass Electric Cooperative can send help nationwide, they are also keen to help right in their backyard.

“A little saying we like to say here is we are big enough to serve because of that, but we are local enough to care,” said Kimbro.

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