DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) —An electric crew from the Wiregrass is working to help get power restored to central Florida, seven linemen have been there since Friday.

Wiregrass Electric joined another crew, Peace River Electric, just north of Fort Myers Friday morning and put their boots on the ground that afternoon.

“We’re off of the coast,” Wiregrass Electric foreman, Johnny Hudson said. “We’re more in the central of Florida right now. So you don’t see the houses just devastated.”

Where they began to see the damage.

“It’s just a lot of wind damage and trees, power lines down, and broke poles,” Hudson said.

The crew is currently in Wauchula, Florida where they have been cleaning up the area and restoring power to those who have been without it for days.

“These people have been without power for four days now, five days now,” Hudson said. “So when you get power on they’re happy and you can hear them holler down the road sometimes when the power comes on.”

Hudson says on the way down to Wauchula, they saw several power crews assisting in relief and when they arrived they saw hundreds more.

This isn’t the first time, Hudson has been on a crew that has been sent to provide relief.

“Hurricanes hit or tornadoes hit we go off and help out a lot,” Hudson said.

The crew of 7 has been changing broken poles, pulling up wire that was knocked down, and cutting trees that are in the way of getting the power back on.

Wiregrass Electric is one of four electric cooperatives from Alabama helping restore power. Peace River Cooperative serves the area south of Tampa, Orlando, and Lakeland which is 55,000 meters that’s double what Wiregrass Electric serves at home.

Hudson and his crew will be in Wauchula until Sunday.

As the crews work ten days in a row.

Then another Wiregrass Electric crew arrives to relieve them of their duty.