DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Finding baby formula is becoming far and few between. Shelves at the grocery stores in the Wiregrass are bare and families are seeing the impacts of the shortage.

When Sabrina Reynolds walked into the grocery store Thursday, what she saw on the baby formula aisle didn’t come as a shock.

“This has become the new norm to see the shelves bare,” Grandmother of two 4-month-old boys, Reynolds said. “It’s the same thing at Winnie Dixie, the same thing at Target.”

For a few months now Reynolds like many others has not been able to find the baby formula her two grandsons, Samuel and Elijah, desperately need.

Her twin grandsons both take two different types of formula and both have been scarce in the stores. She has had to travel all throughout the wiregrass in hopes of finding anything to feed them.

“Well just really around the wiregrass, I’ve had to go to troy one time,” Reynolds said. “People are having to go everywhere. Another problem is buying up the formula and reselling it and I think that is causing a big shortage too.”

In an effort to conserve as much formula as she can Reynolds has had to come up with some solution to make sure her grandbabies are filled and not hungry.

“That’s why I mix in the cereal, I’m hoping that that will fill them up a little bit more,” Reynolds said.

But in these hard times, Reynolds says so many people on Facebook and in the community have stepped up to donate any formula they don’t need to give to those mothers who are desperate to feed their children.

“I’ve seen some good come out of it and what I just wish people would do if your child can’t use it just find someone who can,” Reynolds said.

There’s no set time frame for how long this shortage will last but if you need help finding a specific formula or have any questions, it is recommended you contact your pediatrician.