DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Whether it be in Slocomb or in Dothan there are several groups that are providing opportunities for people to donate towards tornado relief.

Communities are coming together as thousands of people are without power, food, and water from the tornadoes that left so much destruction in Kentucky and several other states.

Southern Storage of the Tri-State in Slocomb has been collecting supplies since Monday and as of now, they’ve filled one of the two trailers they are trying to pack before they make their trip to Kentucky on Friday morning.

Then next week, once they’re back, they plan to haul even more supplies: food, water, toys, clothes, and toiletries.

“We’re going to load these 2 trailers this week,” Slocomb City Councilman, Don White said. “Next week we are looking for an 18-wheeler.”

In Dothan, Equally Yoked Community Outreach is partnering with Destiny Church of Dothan to collect supplies to take to rural areas that were affected by the storms.

They started collecting today and will be heading to rural areas in Kentucky and Illinois in the coming weeks

“So the amount of people that are affected can’t be helped with 1 or 2 people,” Executive Director of Equally Yoked Community Outreach, Derrick Oliver said. “It’s going to take full communities and truckloads.”

Both groups can’t accomplish these tornado relief drives without the help of the community, as they trying to lend a helping hand.

“We’ve had phone calls as far as New York and South Florida asking what they can do, but not only are local community here in town have also stepped up.”

If you still want to donate supplies in Slocomb, the latest you can drop things off is Thursday evening at 8, since they plan to leave Friday morning, bright and early at 3 a.m.

If you want to donate to the relief drive in Dothan you can drop off supplies at Destiny Church, Located on Reeves St.