Wiregrass cities and counties are coming together to show support for soldiers at Fort Rucker.

Mike Schmitz and five mayors, county commissioners, and chamber members gathered to encourage each other to enroll in the Association of the United States Army.

The AUSA is the number one supportive organization for soldiers at Fort Rucker.

The Wiregrass area wants to become number one in the world to show patriotism, therefore, cities and counties are making local businesses aware and optimistic they will pay $175 a year to make this goal come to fruition.

The plan is to have 250 signatures in the Wiregrass region.

“We come together for things truly for the wiregrass area the groundbreaking for the VA in Coffee County this past week that’s something we all celebrate together,” Mayor Saliba said.

Mayor Saliba said this is a way to let veterans know the wiregrass truly appreciates the work they do for our area and country.