Wiregrass landlord speaks out on what he has seen over the past 18 months


MIDLAND CITY, Ala. (WDHN) — Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lawmakers approved $46.5 billion in rental assistance.

According to Wiregrass landlord, David Davis, when the moratorium ended in August, it put some of his residents in danger of eviction. He says he can help in places he is able, but when tenants aren’t able to pay their rent, Davis says communication is key during this time, especially as the pandemic continues.

“Once it gets to that point that someone is getting evicted, then there was definitely a loss of communication,” Davis said. “There were several steps, it’s a long process to get someone evicted. There was a lot of other things that could have been done before it got to that point.”

At the end of July, only $5.1 billion in emergency rental assistance has been distributed.

This means that almost 89% of the money has not been distributed.

Davis says he understands people are out of work and unable to pay, but he wants them to still know their rent still needs to be paid.

If they can simply reach out to their landlord and work out a plan, in some instances, they are willing to help.

“There are several programs available,” Davis said. “Just do the best you can, talk to the landlord, and keep everyone informed.”

Davis says at the end of the day, it comes down to having open communication with your tenants and your landlords.

He says there is help out there and it just may take time and patience on both sides.

“It’s communication,” Davis said. “There are programs to help people with back rent and so on, but you have to actually apply for them and be diligent, not just fill out one application and leave it at that.”

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