HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — One Wiregrass non-profit is trying to renovate a state landmark.

Friends of Dupree School is a group that formed two years ago after members found out that people were thinking about demolishing the Dupree School House, which is located just three miles outside of Ashford.

Now the group is raising money to give the schoolhouse a makeover. $50,000 towards the remodel has been raised so far. Members of the non-profit feel this is a place the state cannot forget about, a school built in 1904 that they say has impacted so many lives.

“It’s a community effort but it’s a much larger effort throughout the state of Alabama,” Chairman of the Friends of Dupree School, Steve Smith said. “We want to preserve the building and then we want to bring light and life back into the building.”

The goal of the group is to turn the schoolhouse into a community center that also could serve as a music venue and space for a college extension program.

The Dupree School House is expected to be featured in the National Historic Registry and is already considered a state landmark.