DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Do you live in a rural community and have trouble getting access to important health care? One organization is teaming up to help residents in the Wiregrass get the word out about different health services that have to goal to promote healthy living and wellness.

According to Thomas Stephens with Medical Advocacy and Outreach, ‘Wellness in the Park’ is geared to bringing the community together and getting people to understand there is a way to promote healthy living in places like the Wiregrass.

“Most importantly in the Wiregrass community, is first and foremost making people aware that these services are available to them,” Stephens said. “The Wiregrass is a wealth of opportunity and often people do not realize it, we may have rural communities but we are not without services.”

SARCOA, Legal Services Alabama, Wallace Community College, and Legacy of Hope were just a few organizations at the event. Stephens said ‘Wellness in the Park’ allows people to learn what MAO and other organizations have to offer.

“Two organizations who have a similar mindset, even if the services are slightly different making the most ideal partners because they can reach people,” Stephen’s said.

Stephens said by teaming up offers residents in the Wiregrass an opportunity to get more access to the health care they may not know is offered in their own backyard.

According to Stephens MAO offers so much more than testing, treatment, and care for HIV, and their organization is willing to help anyone who is in need of a helping hand, he encourages them to simply reach out.

“You could also look to us for so much and we are willing and open and interested in always having new partners come to us and us to go to them and make the world and this community a better place,” Stephens said.