GENEVA, Ala. (WDHN) — Geneva County residents are accusing a Defuniak Springs woman of scamming people out of donation money.

Natasha Cooper has a Facebook page called True Crime with Natasha Cooper. Cooper said that she, along with a team, investigate criminal cases that haven’t been solved and then gathers donations for the crime victims’ families.

While numerous people wrote to WDHN and on social media that she is misusing the funds, Cooper said she doesn’t scam.

“All the donations that we have received for the McKees have gone to the McKees,” she said. “We have bought groceries. We have posted pictures of us grocery shopping. We’ve posted pictures of the buggies of groceries. We have posted pictures of the bags of groceries in their living room, I have all of those I can show you as well.”

One case Cooper is involved with is the disappearance of Shanna Peoples in 2011.

Natasha said she’s been helping Shanna’s family find answers and provide financial security.

However, some residents say that the grocery shopping was great, but they don’t believe Natasha is being transparent with all the donations — particularly with newspaper advertisements.

“We have a source from the editor herself where she’s come back and said you know those advertisements are not going to run in the paper, and if they’re not going to be run in the local paper, what good is it for Shanna’s case,” Donna Enfinger said.

Cooper said she’s simply trying to help families by bringing awareness to their cases.

“I wanna know why are they are so dead set against what I’m doing when all I’m doing is trying to help a family,” Cooper said.

However, this isn’t the first time she has been accused. Cooper faces other accusations related to another criminal case.

“Approximately $2000 was collected allegedly for 1000 pages of criminal case files for the Gypsy Rose Blanchard case,” Enfinger said. “They were supposed to be 50 cents each. Allegedly that never took place, she never went, and the donations were never refunded. So, where did that money go, that’s what we’re asking. It’s not that we’re saying oh no you’re a liar cause I’m not.”