Woman with cancer unable to get COVID-19 vaccine


ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — A Wiregrass cancer patient is advocating for people who have underlying health conditions in order for them to get the coronavirus vaccine.

Kimberly Morack is 48 and suffers from cancer along with several health other conditions.

According to Morack, she tried to get a COVID-19 vaccine at her local Walmart but was unable to because the form she needed to fill out online had nothing for people with underlying conditions. That’s when she and her husband called the store.

“So the first form, there’s 12 different items but not one thing for cancer patients,” Kimberly’s husband Mark Morack said. “So I questioned him and he’s like, ‘I don’t know what you’re supposed to do. Get a hold of the state or the county.’ So that’s what we did. They knew nothing.”

Soon after, the Moracks contacted county officials who sent them to Andalusia officials, who told the couple to call the state. The state told them it was a government form and that state officials can’t alter it.

“Which I thought was kind of disturbing being that I’m a cancer patient and have other underlying conditions that do make me very immunocompromised,” Kimberly said.

Morack said she has experienced a lot of confusion while trying to sign up. In fact, one person told her she fit the criteria for the shot while another said she didn’t fit the criteria. Morack told WDHN she just wants the confusion cleared up and for people with underlying conditions to be able to get the shot.

“It’s about everyone who has these underlying conditions,” Morack said. “There’s a large demographic that is being underserved and we’re trying to correct that.”

During the phone call with the state, officials offered to take the Moracks’ names to let them know when a vaccine becomes available to the general public.

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