DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Several residents in a Dothan neighborhood fear for the safety of their families in a matter of days a company is about to close on a house in their neighborhood and begin housing drug addicts, alcoholics, and former convicts.

People in the community like Morgan Mcleod who spoke at November 16th Dothan’s city commission meeting feel the city needs to do something about it, the eight to nine men with past drug or alcohol addictions. Some with prior convictions could possibly be moving into a house that is about to be sold in their neighborhood.

“According to Oxford Houses’ own website, 84.8% residents have served prior jail time while 38.4% are going to counseling,” McLeod said.

This is the concern many people shared when they found out through a Facebook post, that the men could possibly be moving in and there is nothing neighbors can do.

“I am very concerned, as I said, my mother lived here, she has now moved to assistant living which is just across the way,” Sha’nah Martin, who lives in the neighborhood said.

Neighbors have complained to the city, and contacted lawyers, but feel they’re on their last leg.

“We are aware of the current litigation going on between the oxford house and the city,” McLeod said.

The city of Dothan currently does not have any ordinances in place to prevent any houses from being opened in neighborhoods like the Woodland and since the city is in litigation, the city isn’t talking, at this time.

“Do not have a vested interest in staying in that house for very long or a vested interest in their surrounded community,” Martin said.

The Oxford House currently has another in Dothan for seven female residents.

“If you want to see how great places become not to so great places to live I believe this is the first place to start,” McLeod said.

The sale is expected to close on December 1st, there is currently a court case involving the city and the company buying the house but, as I mentioned, the city is not commenting on that right now.

You can trust WDHN will keep you updated on any new developments.