DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Mayor Mark Saliba and the city of Dothan met with several groups of students over the past couple of weeks to discuss what is happening in the city of Dothan. And in their respective communities, students expressed a desire for mentorship programs and they want the community to be more involved in the schools

Other groups throughout the Circle City are also focusing on the younger generation, and Dothan Mayor Mark Saliba says that they are working on a list of organizations that meet with students and provide resources for them to hopefully gather them all together to discuss the future of Dothan.

“And talk about the things we’re doing, well, some of the things we’re not doing well, gaps we may be missing, and then how to pull all of our resources together,” Mayor Saliba said.

Students see problems in their schools, communities, cities, and states, and sometimes the best way to see what they are going through is by talking to them.

“The best place to start is at least to find out what the issues are is to start with them. It also gives them a voice and I think that’s extremely important,” Saliba said.

Mayor Saliba says that even though kids go through different challenges, they still have some of the same wants and needs.

They want opportunity, hope, and are being offered the same opportunities no matter where they are.

“So that’s part of why I am pulling this together is to get our resources together and see what it is that we can do to continue to provide a better place for our youth,” Saliba said.

Saliba says that he hopes to continue to talk to Dothan youth over the month to be able to gather more input because they are the ones in the schools