ELBA, Ala. (WDHN) — Tom Maddox, Tim Johnson, and Chelsea Cooper: one of these candidates will soon become the next mayor of Elba.

Maddox, a local businessman and former educator, said he is qualified to run for mayor based on his longtime service to the city. According to Maddox, if elected, one of his goals will include finding affordable workplace housing.

“We always have the idea that we need retail before we have houses,” Maddox said. “We need houses before we have retail. We’re trying to find a balance and trying to find what we can do to get more people here and get more businesses located here.”

Meanwhile, fellow businessman and real estate agent Tim Johnson says his longtime residency of Elba, his leadership skills, and his business knowledge qualifies him to be the next mayor. His goals include bringing increased business and revenue to the small city.

“The main challenge I think that we see in Elba right now is a growth issue, both in industry and in people,” Johnson told WDHN. “I believe that if we actively and progressively seek industry to come to Elba, we will also grow people in Elba.”

And for the first time in Elba’s history, a female candidate will be listed on the ballot. Mother of two and insurance representative Chelsea Cooper says one of her main focuses is bringing safety to the city.

“My experience personally comes from being a citizen,” Cooper explained. “A citizen that lives right downtown. That has been faced with numerous break-ins, finding hypodermic needles in our yard. I’ve seen the stagnant nature of the growth in our economic development. So that’s really what motivated me to jump in this race.”

Residents will vote among the three candidates on Tuesday, August 25. In addition, the candidates plan to participate in a mayoral forum on August 20. Residents are encouraged to attend in-person (with social distancing in effect) or watch the forum via Facebook.

Editor’s Note: It is important to note that all three candidates were asked the same four questions during their individual interviews.