Dothan District 2 candidates election preview

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The District 2 commission seat is a highly sought out position in this election cycle.

With four people running, there are many plans these candidates hope to achieve if elected. One of the candidates running is Police Sergeant Phillipe Kirksey. He hopes to establish many community programs as well as crime reduction if elected.

“Social and economic growth and career opportunities is another one of my big issues,” Kirksey said. “Crime reduction would be great as well, also providing youth programs. I would love to establish a future first responders program and also a youth apprenticeship programs through small businesses.”

Candidate Harvey Farrey says he wants to remain transparent to the community in order to serve their needs.

“I’d like to look economic development, I would like to look at youth programs, and I would like to look at something whereby we can do wrap-around services for just disadvantaged people period,” Farrey said. “I’d like to also make the community more informed and aware of what kind of things are available to them.”

Dr. Aristotle Kirkland is a candidate who says that he wants to be a catalyst for change.

“It’s about being a voice for the people,” Kirkland said. “I say I’m going to be consistent, accessible, and transparent. Talk to the people, develop a plan. Good planning, it produces better places to live, better places to work, better communities that creates better quality of life.”

And the final candidate running for district two is Anterica Mayfield. She says her number one goal is to be accessible to the people.

“My number one thing is to be accessible to the people,” Mayfield said. “Making sure that they are able to contact me and I return those emails and I return those phone calls. Just being accessible to them and never forgetting who got me the place if elected. As their leader doing my part, making sure their issues are pretty much earned out with me being in that seat.”

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