Super Sunday’s grown into much more than a football game. It’s a showcase for music’s biggest stars. And this Sunday, Justin Timberlake will perform for the 3rd time at a Super Bowl.

Timberlake spoke to reporters Thursday as he prepared to perform inside U.S. Bank Stadium. He’s been rehearsing inside the building throughout the week. “I’m excited to be on this stage once again at this point in my life and it’s just a great opportunity,” Timberlake said Thursday.

The last time he was on stage at the Super Bowl was back in 2004 with that infamous “wardrobe malfunction” moment he had with Janet Jackson. 

He did not give out many details on the performance itself but hinted at some new heights for the NFL. “We’re doing a few things with this halftime show they’ve never quite done before, so I’m excited to do that.”

He also called Minneapolis’s own Prince, “…the greatest all-around musician that I could think of in popular culture.”

Timberlake’s new album “Man of the Woods” releases early Friday morning.