It all started in a small town in southwest Minnesota. Jole Wiens had an idea and a vision. He moved his small company, WSI, to Minneapolis, and from there it started to grow. 

“My first big product was a compression short with a cup system, just a better type of undershort for ball sport players,” says Joel Wiens, owner and Founder of WSI. 

He then started to reach out to professional teams in the NFL and MLB. 

“The first team that gave me a shot were the Green Bay Packers. And it was over a protective undershirt.”

From there, business grew. He now supplies cold weather gear to numerous teams around the leagues, and his goal is simple. 

“My job is to get those guys functioning at the highest level and not feeling like that are weighed down.”

Sunday at US Bank Stadium, he’ll watch two of his clients, the Patriots and the Eagles, play for the Super Bowl in WSI’s back yard. He takes pride in that, but above all things, it’s about making a quality product. 

“To see people have fun and succeed out there is more important for me and our organization than the almighty dollar.”

WSI also made all of the gear for the Super Bowl Host Committee to sport around this week during all the festivities.