HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Senator Tommy Tuberville visited Farley Nuclear Plant on Friday to talk about clean energy, but gun legislation became the lead as the main topic of discussion.

President Biden is calling on Congress to pass red flags, safe storage laws, and strengthen background checks.

He also wants to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and says the age to buy them should be at least raised from 18 to 21.

“Let us finally do something,” President Biden said.

Senator Tommy Tuberville says he is open to this conversation, but he wants to make sure the cause is addressed at what he believes is its foundation.

“The root cause of it goes back to parents, it goes back to education, it goes back to social media, and we got a huge problem in this country, and it’s long before we get to the guns,” Alabama Senator, Tommy Tuberville said.

Next week, Senator Tuberville will head back to Washington, where he will need to be convinced.

“They are going to have to convince me that we are going to the root cause, which is mental illness,” Senator Tuberville said.

Bipartisan talks on new gun laws are underway, but the President knows passing gun laws reform legislation is not easy.

“It’s often easy for a politician,” Senator Tuberville said. “Of course, Joe Biden has been up there 50 years and hasn’t done anything about guns or anything that causes or maybe the cause to these disasters we have had. Your heart goes out to what is happening right now.”

A lot of the gun control reforms the President has called for were passed Thursday night by the House Judiciary Committee and will go to the full House next week. However, it will face challenges once it’s in the Senate, where experts say it’s very little chance it will pass.