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Which Lion King blanket is best?

As one of Disney’s most beloved animated films, “The Lion King” has about as much branded merchandise as a film franchise can have. Since the film’s release and subsequent Broadway play a few years later, the franchise has produced an industry’s worth of clothing, toys, jewelry and more than a few blankets. 

If you’re looking to snuggle with Simba or Scar, the best “Lion King” blanket on the block is Lambs & Ivy’s “Lion King” Sherpa baby blanket. This super-soft polyester blanket features an adorable depiction of young Simba that’s sure to put a smile on any young “Lion King” fan’s face.

What to know before you buy a Lion King blanket

What is “The Lion King”?

“The Lion King” is an animated film released by Disney in 1994. It’s primarily a tale about Simba, a young lion slated to become the next leader of the animal kingdom that his father, Mufasa, currently rules. When his nemesis Scar murders Mufasa, Simba is banished from the kingdom. Simba learns life lessons with the help of new friends Timon and Pumbaa and returns to Pride Rock as a grown lion to avenge his father and return the kingdom to its former glory. After the movie’s wild success, a “Lion King” Broadway play hit theaters in 1998, featuring all the music and characters from the original film. “The Lion King” is considered one of Disney’s greatest films by fans and critics alike. 

Who would enjoy a Lion King blanket?

“The Lion King” fan base includes people of all ages, making a Lion King blanket a great gift for anyone who enjoys the film. However, it’s important to note that most Lion King blankets are baby blankets. There’s a much more diverse selection of designs and fabrics in that category. Still, more than a couple of handmade specialty throw blankets would make excellent gifts for adult fans.

Who are some of the characters that would be on a Lion King blanket?

Some of the characters who appear most on Lion King blankets are Simba, Mufasa, Scar, Timon, Pumbaa and Nala. If you’re a fan of any of these characters, you should have no problem finding a blanket you’ll love. Many Lion King blankets also depict scenery and quotable lines and lyrics from the film.

What to look for in a quality Lion King blanket


The fabrics used in your Lion King blanket will determine how warm it is and how well the graphic will hold up over time. Polyester or fleece is a great material for these blankets because they are easy for manufacturers to add graphics to and won’t fade in the wash. Fleece is also an exceptionally warm fabric that is soft to the touch.

Art style

The most integral part of any Lion King blanket is the graphic. You’ll want to find a blanket with an art style that feels artful and accurate to the movie. Some blankets feature printed graphics, while others have embroidered patches depicting characters and settings from the film. Printed graphics might look more realistic than embroidery, but they’re also more susceptible to fading over time.


Lion King blankets come in a variety of sizes. Baby blankets are usually around 30 inches by 35 inches, while throw blankets are 50 inches by 60 inches. Some manufacturers allow you to choose custom sizes. Keep in mind that prices tend to get steeper as the blankets get bigger.

How much you can expect to spend on a Lion King blanket

Most Lion King blankets range from $10-$40. However, a few handmade options are available that cost well over $100.

Lion King blanket FAQ

Are these blankets machine washable?

A. The vast majority of these blankets are made from synthetic fibers like polyester, so you should have no issues running them through the washing machine. However, you run the risk of degrading the graphic quality if you wash them too often.

Is there a sequel?

A. “The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride” came out in 1998, and a live-action remake of the original film came out in 2019. Both films received mixed reviews from critics and fans. Disney is currently working on a live-action sequel to the 2019 film.  

What’s the best Lion King blanket to buy?

Top Lion King blanket

Lamb & Ivy Picture Perfect “Lion King” Sherpa Baby Blanket

Lamb & Ivy Picture Perfect “Lion King” Sherpa Baby Blanket

What you need to know: This blanket has an adorable depiction of Simba getting ready to play and a super-soft sherpa back.

What you’ll love: The soft sherpa backside is warm and perfect for swaddling. The art style is detailed and accurate to the film.

What you should consider: It’s a little pricier than many comparable products. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Lion King blanket for the money

Disney “Lion King” Simba Leaves Baby Blanket

Disney “Lion King” Simba Leaves Baby Blanket

What you need to know: This comfortable baby blanket features an all-over print of Simba and some floral patterns.

What you’ll love: The all-over print design allows for multiple illustrations of Simba. The polyester fabric should keep the graphic looking fresh even after multiple washes.

What you should consider: Some owners report that the fabric is a bit thin.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Disney “Lion King” Popcorn Coral Fleece Blanket

Disney “Lion King” Popcorn Coral Fleece Blanket

What you need to know: This snuggly coral fleece baby blanket includes an embroidered patch of Simba looking lovable as ever.

What you’ll love: The embroidered patch makes the graphic on this blanket have more longevity than many of its printed competitors. The coral fleece fabric makes it one of the warmest “Lion King” baby blankets.

What you should consider: The art style isn’t as accurate as some of the screenprints on other blankets.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

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