TROY, Ala. (WDHN) — Former evening news anchor and reporter for WDHN News has been named Television Production Coordinator for TROY TrojanVision.

A native of Elba, Paige Ray graduated from Troy University in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism and again in 2020 with a master’s degree in strategic communications.

Ray acted as Student News Director and was involved in every aspect of her education during her time at TrojanVision.

“Paige was an amazing student news director when she was in school and went out into the professional world and did great work. I knew she was the type of person we would want to bring back to take over supervising TrojanVision News. It is a good feeling when we can bring back a member of the TrojanVision family. As an alumna of TrojanVision, Paige has pride in what we do here, and I know she will do an amazing job in preparing the next generation of TROY broadcasters.”

TrojanVision TV Manager, Aaron Taylor

After graduating in 2019, Ray served the Wiregrass as WDHN’s evening news anchor and reporter in Dothan for nearly three years.

In 2021, she moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado where she worked as a reporter, weekend morning anchor and digital producer. Ray and her husband, Matt Ray, who is also a Troy graduate, moved to Tennessee for a short time before Taylor reached out about the job opening.

“We’d only been in Tennessee for a few months before I got a call from an old friend,” Ray said. “The decision was really a no-brainer. I loved TROY. I came back any chance I got for homecoming, all of my friends were here, my family is here and I knew the people here were good people.”

Ray fills the role of her former supervisor Aaron Taylor, TrojanVision Television Manager, who held the position for the last 20 years.

In her new role as Television Production Coordinator, Ray will work with students to help produce the midday and nightly shows, The Week That Was, the Semester in Review recap and Trojan Talk.

“Other places have awesome broadcast programs, but you don’t get the hands-on experiences that you do here. You can learn and read and watch people do the job you’re going to do, but it’s a whole different ballgame when you’re the one putting hands on equipment. That’s what we try to do for students, and that’s what they all did for me. I’ve seen so many people who’ve benefited from this school, and the thought of getting to help continue that and continue to bring this program forward is something I’m so excited to do.”

Television Production Coordinator, Paige Ray

Ray says she’s excited to help continue the legacy of success TrojanVision has established.