Which Adidas snowboard boots are best?

Adidas makes some of the best snowboarding equipment on the market, and their line of snowboarding boots is no different. Their many options are cozy, supportive and safe for each type of snowboarder. 

Each pair has different features to enhance your boarding style, but how do you know which is right for you? This list will help you find out. The best pair is the Adidas Tactical ADV snowboarding boots. These boots offer a comfortable and customizable fit that’s long-lasting. 

What to know before you buy Adidas snowboard boots

Your boarding style and skill level 

Your style will help determine what type of equipment you need, specifically the flex of your boot. If you’re a freestyle or park snowboarder, you need a soft-flex boot that will give you a lot of lateral mobility for grabs and tricks as well as comfort for all-day wear. 

More advanced boarders who still enjoy jibbing but want more support for slopes should look for a medium-flex pair. Experienced snowboarders who board cross country will need stiff boots that will hold support them in choppy conditions. If you’re unsure where you fall on the spectrum, “All mountain” boot styles may be what you need. 

Your other equipment

It’s essential to make sure your new boots are compatible with your board. If not, you can not only waste your money but sacrifice a lot of progress on the slopes. Compatible boots will give you maximum control and leverage. Your boots should also leave enough room for your snowboarding socks to fit comfortably. If you’re planning to wear regular cotton socks, consider protecting your feet by spending a little extra on socks suited for the sport. 

How often do you snowboard

If you make a regular habit of snowboarding, you’ll need boots that can hold up. Not only should you be sure to maintain your boots between uses, even if that period is short, but they should also be supportive and well-fitting enough to keep you at your best after repeated use. 

What to look for in quality Adidas snowboard boots


When it comes to athletic boots, a durable pair can save not only your money but your life. The last thing you want is for them to fall apart on you when you’re at the top of the slopes. You can lengthen the life of your boots with proper maintenance, but that won’t do much if the boots you buy aren’t well made. The most durable boots will be made of high-quality materials, have solid shells and thick boot liners. Fortunately, Adidas has a reputation for well-made and long-lasting boots. 


If you’re someone who likes to board in different areas at different times of the year, you need your boots to adapt to the conditions with you. If you need a good amount of support but don’t want your mobility to be completely restricted, try a pair in the mid-flex range. If you stick to a standard environment, you can look for a more specialized pair. 

Lacing systems

Each type of snowboarding boot has a certain type of lacing system. There are traditional laces, speed laces and BOA  lacing systems. Traditional laces will give you a snug boot, but they’re difficult to manage with gloves on. Speed laces are easy and fast to use, as well as customizable, but they’re hard to repair and replace on the slopes. Finally, BOA laces are quick and snug but more expensive. 

How much you can expect to spend on Adidas snowboarding boots

Adidas snowboarding boots typically cost $200-$400 wholesale. 

Adidas snowboard boots FAQ

How can you make sure your boots are the right fit?

A. The best way to ensure you get the right fit for your boots is to visit a quality boot fitter. Buying snowboarding boots online, even when you know your boot size, buying snowboarding boots online makes it challenging to get the best fit out of a box. A boot fitter will work with you and your pair until the fit is just right. 

How do you maintain your snowboard boots?

A. You should check your gear for minor issues after every time you use it. Be sure to hang dry your boots and insoles after every use. 

What are the best Adidas snowboard boots to buy?

Top Adidas snowboard boots 

Adidas Tactical ADV Snowboarding Boots

Adidas Tactical ADV Snowboarding Boots

What you need to know: These customizable comfort-fit snowboarding boots feature a boosting cushion to return your momentum and natural flex for mobility. 

What you’ll love: These snowboarding boots have a cozy leather lining and a speed lacing system. The articulated cuff-shell and 3-D molded boot tongue extends the life span of the boot and increases your natural mobility. There’s little to no slippage in all parts of the boot. 

What you should consider: Some customers had issues with sizing. It’s on the more expensive end. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Adidas snowboard boots for the money

Adidas Samba ADV Snowboard Boots

Adidas Samba ADV Snowboard Boots

What you need to know: This is a mid-flex boot with a heat-mouldable inner sole for increased stability and control. 

What you’ll love: The unique articulated cuff lets the lower part of your foot move without interfering with the traditional lacing system. The liner flexes to fit the contour of your foot and keeps it both temperature and weather controlled. 

What you should consider: Some customers experience an uncomfortable hard spot on the tongue. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Adidas Response 3MC ADV Snowboard Boots Mens

Adidas Response 3MC ADV Snowboard Boots Mens

What you need to know: These sturdy and comfortable boots mimic Adidas’s classic skateboarding shoes for fun and sleek use. 

What you’ll love: This pair has a Boa Lacing system for easy adjustment and a sturdy rubber outsole for a secure grip on the terrain. Like the Sambas, it has a heat-mouldable liner that’s comfortable and well-fitting. 

What you should consider: Some customers experienced broken Boa lacing systems. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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