Gamecocks’ coach speaks on playing on new turf temporarily due to stadium renovation


COFFEE COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — Football season is quickly approaching and Gamecock Stadium in New Brockton is getting a facelift.

“Obviously we are super excited about our stadium and the renovations that are taking place. The board of education is putting over a million dollars into our stadium to upgrade it which we really appreciate,” Coach Zack Holmes said.

The makeover will feature a new concession stand, aluminum bleachers, bathrooms, and a press box. The stadium will not be completed before the start of the season, so the Gamecocks will host their home games at Bates Memorial in Enterprise.

Coach Holmes says he’s thankful to the city of progress for allowing them to play their games in what they call ‘The Hole’.

“They were willing to help us and allow us to use Bates to play in we’re really excited about that and excited to play there its a different venue. I think we got a good plan to go in there and make it as much like home as possible. We’re gonna have our signs hanging up and all that,” Holmes said.

Renovations should be completed sometime in October. Coach Holmes says most of the team grew up playing in Bates Stadium but he still wants them to look at it as a road game hoping that enhance their performance on the road this season.

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